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Chain Reports from OPSoftware

Chain Reports are an excellent way of tracking trends from the various big box retailers.

To create a report, make your selections and click the 'Create Report' button:

  • Select the Item Source for the report. Item sources include the major wholesalers.
  • Select the chain source for the report.
  • Select the report type to create. We currently support the following report types:
    1. Over List Price Report
    2. Price Change Report
    3. Items On Sale Report
  • You can optionally enter your email address and we will send you a link to the file once it is built.

Click the 'Create Report' button to create the report.

Please Note: We have changed the chain reports functionality to enable more flexability for our users. We will create the report as an Excel file off-line, similiar to exporting a bid. You will be redirected to the Bid Wizard File Output page while the file is being built.