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Video 19: Settings

  • This guide covers how to change settings to the displays in Market Xpert.
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Ø  The Settings function in Market Xpert is only available to individual user logins, and does not apply to the main user account login

Ø  User Logins are created in ADX Console by your Market Xpert system administrator and are formatted as email addresses

Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account using your email address login

Ø  Click the Settings Button on the toolbar

Ø  If you want to use Custom Settings, change the option to Yes

Ø  You can set a Custom Search Method

Ø  You can choose a Custom Price Plan to display in Item Search

Ø  You can choose if you want to show cost. This option may be controlled by your system administrator

Ø  You can also choose if you want to customize the chains that are shown in Item Search displays

·         Choose the chains you want to display in your custom settings

·         You can pick from any of the chains your account is authorized for

Ø  An application of the Settings function is if you want to show a customer your Market Xpert displays and want to control what is displayed

Ø  The Settings function also applies to the Mobile Views for onsite customer visits