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Video 10: Bid Wizard – Export Functions

  • This guide covers options for exporting your bids to Excel.
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Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Bid Wizard Button on the toolbar

Ø  Select any bid in the list by clicking the Bid ID

Ø  On the Bid Wizard Menu, click Export Functions

Ø  Click Export Bid to Excel

·         If the Terms and Conditions box is not checked, read the terms and conditions and then check the box

Ø  A box is provided if you want an email notification when your Excel file is ready to download

·         The email notification contains a link to download the file, not the file itself, so it works with most email environments

·         Large files can take 15 to 30 minutes so an email notification can be useful

·         The time limit for downloading your file from the email notification is approximately 90 days

Ø  You can select different File Output Formats

·         Standard Format contains the most commonly used fields

·         Standard Format with Usage adds additional fields applicable to bids where usage was uploaded are added by the Add Sample Usage function

·         There are several back-end system provider formats, Britannia 4 & 5, Red Cheetah, Logicblock, GOPD, DDMS and DDMS C2

§  These system provider formats create Excel files compatible with the particular systems’ contract import functions

·         Industrial Format includes UPC numbers commonly used in this industry

Ø  The Substitutes check-box will include substitute items in your file. A horizontal row will be added for each substitute

Ø  Custom Price Plan to Output allows you to price your file using one of the Price Strategies you have created

·         To add your cost to the Excel file, you would need to select a Price Plan here. If OPSoftware loads your cost for you, then "List" or "List Price" is the plan you want to choose

·         If you load your cost yourself, or have multiple costs loaded in the system, see your system administrator for the selection to make here

·         See the Price Strategies topics for more information on creating price plans that contain your cost

·         If you choose a Price Plan to output, you will also get an option to Only include records where price comes from a details plan

§  Checking this price plan option will only include records in your Excel file that can be priced using your price plan

§  This option is useful when you want to price match a competitor and only want to include items that are available from the competitor

Ø  Wholesalers to Output lets you select the wholesalers you want to include in your Excel file

·         You can select more than one wholesaler at a time. Up to ten wholesalers can be included in one file

Ø  Chains to Output lets you select the chains you want to include in your Excel file

·         You can also select more than one chain. Up to ten chains can be included in one file

Ø  Once all your selections have been made, click the Submit File Button to begin processing your file

·         You will be taken to the Bid Wizard File Outputs page where the progress of your file will be displayed

·         You can log out and wait for the email notification if entered, or return later to check the progress of your file


Ø  Log back into your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click Bid Wizard on the Toolbar

Ø  Click Download Previous Bids

·         A link to the last 5 files created with the most recent at the top is displayed

Ø  Click the file link to download and save your file to your computer