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Essendant Market Xpert YouTube Video Series

Video 13: Price Strategies – Introduction

  • An introduction to Price Strategies, why they are important and how they fit into Market Xpert.
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Ø  Price Strategies are exactly what they sound like, strategies you use to price your products

Ø  Price Strategies in Market Xpert are nothing more than mathematical formulas you apply to an existing price

Ø  It is important to understand the difference between Price Strategies and Bids

Ø  Bids contain lists of items you need to price

Ø  Price Strategies are the formulas that determine how you price the bid items

Ø  You cannot export a Price Strategy to Excel, you export Bids to Excel and price the bid using a Price Strategy

Ø  This is the most common function of Price Strategies, applying "your price" to bids you have received from customers

Ø  An example of a Price Strategy is a ten percent discount off list price

Ø  We are taking an existing price, list price, and applying a mathematical formula, ten percent off, to arrive at our price

Ø  This is how all Pricing Strategies are created in Market Xpert, your mathematical formula applied to an existing price

Ø  Market Xpert Pricing Strategies extends this functionality by allowing multiple formulas applied to multiple prices

Ø  For example, I could create a strategy that calculates "My Price" as two percent lower than the Office Depot price

Ø  I could also extend my strategy to include two percent off the Staples price, whichever is lower

Ø  I can keep going and include a standard Essendant Matrix in my strategy

Ø  There is no practical limit to the levels of pricing you can include in a single pricing strategy

Ø  Having access to current competitor pricing extends the power of Pricing Strategies to include competitor price matching or beating

Ø  You can also create cost price strategies in Market Xpert

Ø  Cost strategies are useful when you want to see your Essendant cost in your bid Excel files or in the Market Xpert item displays

Ø  Contact us for more information on loading your Essendant cost into Market Xpert

Ø  You can create as many Price Strategies as you need in Market Xpert