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Essendant Market Xpert YouTube Video Series

Video 9: Bid Wizard – Edit Functions

  • This guide covers details on how to add, edit and change bid items in Bid Wizard.
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Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Bid Wizard Button on the toolbar

Ø  Select any bid in the list by clicking the Bid ID

Ø  On the Bid Wizard Menu, click Edit Functions

·         Matching is covered in Bid Wizard – Advanced Matching

Ø  The Edit Bid option takes you to this starting page where you can change the Bid Name

Ø  Edit Bid Items allows you to change items on this bid

Ø  When editing bid items, you need to first select the status

·         Status can be No Match, Matched, Potential Match or Manual Match

Ø  When you select a status, such as No Match, a grid containing the items is created

·         Note that if your bid has tens of thousands of items, this grid may take a while to load. Please be patient when using very large bids

Ø  An ID, Number, Description, Unit and Price column from your bid source is shown in the grid

·         The description, unit and price fields will only contain data if you mapped these fields when you imported your file

Ø  You can use the Search box to find items in the selected status or scroll through the list using page controls at the bottom of the grid

Ø  Click any Blue item number link to edit that item

Ø  The Edit Bid Item Details page is shown

Ø  You can change any of the data on this page and then click the Save Changes Button

·         You can also permanently delete this item from the bid using the Delete Item Button

Ø  To change an existing match, or match an item that was No Match, enter a search term in the Lookup Key Search Box and press enter

·         A list of matching items will be displayed

·         If you see a suitable match on the list, click the image or item description link

·         Click the Save Changes Button to record your manual match

·         Click the Back Button to make additional changes to this bid’s items

Ø  Add Sample Usage is also on the Bid Wizard Edit Functions menu

·         Sample Usage is provided by Essendant and provides estimates of what a typical consumer’s annual purchases would be of any given product

§  All Essendant items have a minimum of one as the usage quantity when sample usage is applied

·         Use caution when using this function! If you uploaded your own usage numbers in this bid, they will be replaced by the sample usage

·         Click the Add Sample Usage Button to continue

§  The Sample Usage will be added and can take several minutes for large bids. You can logout and back in later to check the progress

·         When you open a bid, the Sample Usage status is displayed on the Bid Open For Edit page

·         In order to make best use of your Sample Usage, when you export your bid to Excel, choose the Standard Format with Usage

§  This format extends the usage quantities and adds total value columns to the Excel file when you also select a pricing plan

Ø  Updating a Changed Excel File is another option on the Bid Wizard Edit Functions menu


·         If you have added items to your original Excel file, deleted items, changed prices or other information, you can re-upload your file

§  It is important to understand that this must be the exact same file and mapping as you originally used when the bid was first created

·         You can change the Advanced Matching, but not the Required item number mapping when using this function

·         If you need to change the item number mapping, you can delete the current bid and create a new one