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Video 7: Bid Wizard – Creating Favorites Lists

  • This guide covers details on how and when to use the Bid Wizard Favorites List function.
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Ø  Favorites lists are fast and easy ways to create bids in Bid Wizard

Ø  Favorites lists are most often used when manually keying from printed documents such as customer invoices or favorites lists

Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Bid Wizard Button on the toolbar

Ø  Click the Start a New Bid Button

Ø  Type in an ID for this Bid. The ID uniquely identifies this bid and you cannot have two bids with the same ID

Ø  Type in a Bid Name. This can be any text you want to help you identify this particular bid

·         The Bid Name field is searchable so keep that in mind as you enter the text for this field

Ø  Make sure "Create a Favorites List" is selected in the drop-down box

Ø  Click the Next Button

Ø  The Favorites List Next Steps page will be displayed with instructions on how to add items to a favorites list bid

Ø  Click the Item Search Button on the toolbar

Ø  Type 5160 and press the enter key

·         Notice the Gavel icon underneath the Source for each item in the results list

Ø  Place your mouse pointer over the Gavel to see the description: "Click to add to bid"

Ø  Click the Gavel icon next to the first item on the list

Ø  A pop-up will be displayed with a list of all current bids in Bid Wizard

·         Use the scroll bars to move through the list until you find your Favorites List bid

Ø  Click the selection circle next to your Bid Name

·         Quantity and Price boxes will appear. These are optional entries where you can enter the quantity the customer is purchasing and their current price

Ø  Click the Add to Bid Button to add the item to your Favorites List Bid

·         You should then see a message near the top of the page indicating the item has been added

Ø  The Gavel icon is also shown on the Item Details page, but not on the Quick View pop-up

Ø  When you click the Gavel icon to add another item, the last bid you used will automatically be selected in the list

·         You may have noticed that all bids in Bid Wizard are in the pop-up list

Ø  You can use the Gavel function to add items to any bid, not just bids created as Favorites Lists

Ø  Once all the items have been added, your Favorites List bid is just like any other bid and all of the Bid Wizard functions can be used