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Video 11: Bid Wizard – Schedule Functions

  • This guide covers how to schedule your bids to automatically run daily, weekly or monthly.
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Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Bid Wizard Button on the toolbar

Ø  Select any bid you wish to schedule in the list by clicking the Bid ID

Ø  On the Bid Wizard Menu, click Schedule Functions

Ø  Click Schedule Bid

Ø  Choose a Frequency option from the list

·         When you select the Run Once frequency, you must pick both a Date and Time

·         When you select the Run Daily/Weekly frequency, you must pick both the Days of the Week and the Time

·         When you select the Run Monthly frequency, you must pick the Date (only the day of the month matters here) and the Time of Day

Ø  If this bid has previously been exported to Excel, the remaining options on this page will already be filled in for you

Ø  If this is the first export of the bid, you must select the additional export options. See Bid Wizard – Export Functions

Ø  Be sure to provide an email address and check it carefully. This email will be used for notification when the schedule runs

Ø  Click the Save Schedule Button to save your schedule entry

Ø  You can click on the Schedule Functions and then the Scheduled Outputs to see a list of all bids you have scheduled

Ø  Click a Bid ID on this list to change the settings

Ø  You can change the Frequency and other options, update an email address, or delete the schedule

Ø  Deleting the schedule here does not delete the bid, it only removes it from the scheduler

Ø  You can also check on the current and prior status of your schedule, when it was run and any status message

Ø  If you want to change the output options such as the wholesalers to include, file format, etc. then use the Schedule Bid function

Ø  Re-scheduling the same bid does not create duplicates, it overwrites the previous schedule information

Ø  You can only create one schedule per bid. If you need to schedule the same file in different formats, you need to create two separate bids

Ø  Scheduled bids run just like any export to Excel and the output files will be shown in the Bid Wizard File Outputs page