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Video 20: Preferences


Ø  Preferences are only available to the main Market Xpert account login. Individual user logins do not see the Preferences toolbar Button

Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Preferences Button on the toolbar

Ø  Click the Site Options

Ø  Click AA - General Options

·         The chains to display option lets you enter a custom list of chain codes you want your users to see. See the list of chain sources for a listing of the chain codes

·         Stock check can be enabled or disabled for your entire account here

·         You can select a default search method

·         You can select to show chain history in the item display. When selected a plus sign will appear next to the chain name

Ø  Click DS – Display Sequence

·         Here you can decide the order in which items will be selected. This is typically your ‘call sequence’, who you buy products from first

·         The Display Sequence is a very important setting that determines which sources are favored when matching items in Market Xpert

Ø  See Bid Wizard – Introduction for information on the EX - Bid Wizard options

Ø  See Price Strategies – Using in Market Xpert for information on the PR – Custom Pricing options

Ø  See Bid Wizard – My Presentations for information on the WD – Presentations options

Ø  The remainder of the preferences are for the stock check function

Ø  See Setting Up Stock check in the Market Xpert Help section for information on these options