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Essendant Market Xpert YouTube Video Series

Video 6: Bid Wizard – Using Wholesaler Data

  • This guide covers how you can use wholesaler data such as Flyers, Matrix Price Plans, and full wholesaler item files in Bid Wizard.
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Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Bid Wizard Button on the toolbar

Ø  Click the Start a New Bid Button

Ø  Type in an ID for this Bid. The ID uniquely identifies this bid and you cannot have two bids with the same ID

Ø  Type in a Bid Name. This can be any text you want to help you identify this particular bid

·         The Bid Name field is searchable so keep that in mind as you enter the text for this field

Ø  Make sure "Wholesaler Data" is selected in the drop-down box

Ø  Click the Next Button

Ø  Using the drop-down list, choose the wholesaler you want to use

Ø  The Non-Stocked sources shown here allow you to use all items from select chains as the source for your bid

·         Use caution in that some of the chain sources can contain more than one million items!

Ø  Use the Price Plan drop-down box to choose the price plan you want to use as the source for your bid

·         Some sources have over 100 price plans!

·         Some price plans from the wholesalers have more than one sell or cost column

·         You can choose which sell and cost column to include in your bid if this is important to you

·         All of the chain sources are a single sell price column and no cost price

·         You can use the Price Column Data Sample link to preview a few records from your selection

Ø  Once your selections are complete, click the Next Button

Ø  Bid Wizard will begin creating your wholesaler data based bid

·         Depending on the sources selected, this process can take some time

Ø  You can logout and log back in later to check on the progress

Ø  Once your wholesaler data based bid has been created, it is just like any other bid and all of the Bid Wizard functions can be used