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New Features

We constantly strive to enhance our sites with the most pertinent information available in order to produce the most effective tools for our customers.

Our success as a business can only be achieved when our customers succeed!

Because of this, we proudly offer the following enhancements to Market Xpert:

  1. Market Xpert has been completely redesigned using Microsoft's MVC technology.
  2. A view switcher link has been added to most pages allowing the user to easily switch between a mobile view/desktop view when on a mobile device.
  3. We have added several new Chain Sources to the mix.
  4. A new Custom Settings section has been added for those sales reps on the go.
  5. New Quick View link buttons are now available on all search results items.
  6. We added the ability to input quantity and price when adding an item to bid.
  7. Microsoft Word output type has been added to My Presentations giving you the capability of customizing the presentation document with a cover page, custom headers and footers, a table of contents page, etc., before sending it to the customer.