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Essendant Market Xpert YouTube Video Series

Video 2: Item Search

  • Step by step overview of the Item Search function in Market Xpert.
  • Watch the video


Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Item Search link on the toolbar

·         Type 5160 in the search box and press enter

§  Multiple items will be displayed in the Results Page

§  All of the items in the list contain the number 5160 somewhere in the product record

§  This includes item number, UPC number, manufacturer number and chain store number to name a few

·         Note the "Search Method" selection at the top of the page

§  Search methods include:

§  Most Popular – Searches primarily for item numbers and then sorts the results list with the most popular items at the top of the list

§  Best Match – Searches primarily for item numbers and then sorts the results list with the best match at the top of the list

§  Keywords – Performs a detailed search by keywords. Item numbers also work in keyword search, but not necessarily the same as the Most Popular and Best Match searches

§  Popular keywords also work in the Most Popular and Best Match modes, but these modes are primarily for item number searches

·         Note the "Source" listed under the List Price and item number

§  Source "US" means the item is available from Essendant

§  Source "NS" means the item is Non-Stocked and only available from one of the chains

§  A complete list of the sources is available under the Help section of  Market Xpert

·         Note the Gavel Icon under the Source

§  Clicking this Icon shows a pop-up box to manually add items to a bid

§  See the Favorites list step by step for more information about the gavel add to bid function

·         Put your mouse pointer over the Avery Labels image until the Quick View button appears

·         Click the Quick View button

§  The Quick View Details are displayed showing the product image, description, your price, cost, and GP

·         Your price, cost and GP are optional and may not show with your login

§  You can click the Competitive Data tab, Substitutes Tab, Additional Sources Tab, and Stock Check tabs just like in the Item Details page

§  The Quick View allows you to quickly check more detailed item information before making a selection from the results list

§  Close the Quick View pop-up by clicking the X in the upper right part of the pop-up, or just click outside the pop-up box

·         Now click the top part of the Avery image (not the Quick View Button!), or click the item description link

Ø  The Item Details page is displayed again showing the product image, description, your price, cost, and GP

·         Also note that the "Source" and "Gavel Icon" are on the Item Details page

·         The Competitive Data tab is automatically shown as the default on the Item Details page

·         The chain display is segmented into groups:

§  Retail – The public .COM sites

§  Commercial – Contract sites

§  State and Local Government

§  Industrial

§  US Government

§  Depending on your subscription, your display may not show all the groups listed above

·         The chain display contains sortable columns:

§  Compare to – The name of the chain

§  SKU – The chain item number

§  Verified – The date we verified the data

§  Changed – The date the data last changed

§  Unit – The chain unit of measure

§  Price – The price exactly as it appears on the chain site

§  Factored – The price converted to the source shown at the top of the page

§  Factored, said another way, means unit of measure conversion to your wholesalers unit of measure

·         If you have the "Show Chain History" preference selected, a plus sign will appear next to the chain name when historical pricing is available

§  See the Preferences Help on how to change the show history setting

·         You can click the Chain Name for a pop-up showing more details about the chain item

§  Multiple icons can also appear following the chain name

·         Place your mouse pointer over the icon for the meaning

·         Click the Substitutes Tab for a list of substitute items

§  This list is sorted by most popular

·         Note the icons that appear under the "Source"

§  Place your mouse pointer over the substitute icons for the meaning

·         You can click the Image or the item Description to switch to the Substitute Item Details

·         Click the Additional Sources tab for a list of other sources for this item

§  All the other sources your account is configured for will be shown

§  Note the Source is different

·         Click the Stock Check tab to display on-hand quantities at the facilities you have configured

§  Stock check can optionally show your real time cost

§  You can choose which and how many facilities to display here

§  Please note that stock check is not available on the weekends

§  See the Help section on how to set up stock check for your account