Price Set

Set strategic pricing formulas in your ecommerce system.

Want to offer prices 2% lower than a specific competitor? Easy.

Design your new price strategy and Market Xpert will apply it across your entire product portfolio. Use the powerful insight provided by Item Search and Bid Wizard to effectively adjust your prices and still secure a profit. Let Market Xpert’s Price Set do the data-entry busywork so you can focus on growing your business. An additional ecommerce compatibility package supports your existing system (DDMS, Britannia,
or Red Cheetah).

Plant your price strategy and watch business grow.


Watch the Price Set tutorial:

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"Without Market Expert we wouldn’t be able to price our products, plain and simple!"

Abe Hollender TonerQuest Office-Supply

"Market Xpert, and especially the Bid Wizard, now puts us in the driver's seat when it comes to competing against the Big Box stores. The information is accurate and updated regularly. It's a fantastic tool... every independent dealer should use it."

Jim Ellis, I Sales & Contract Support Analyst Officewise Furniture & Supply

I used the Market Xpert today to quote a Staples order and it worked great!! Very helpful! And we got the order!

Paula Leigh, Preferred Office Products