OPSoftware Owners’ Privacy Policy Statement

Competitive Sources

OPSoftware provides data on publicly traded companies only. We never provide data on privately held independent dealer sites. Size is not a consideration in determining independent dealer status. Popularity and/or unpopularity are not factors in determining independent dealer status.

Only those companies traded on the public stock exchanges qualify as potential sources.


Some independent dealers choose to sell in the Amazon marketplace and may be included as sellers in our data. We favor and look for Amazon as the seller whenever possible, but sometimes otherwise independent dealers may be selected as the lowest seller. Since Amazon itself is a publicly traded company, it qualifies under our guidelines as a valid source.

Bid Data Security

OPSoftware never provides the data you upload to our site to any third party. OPSoftware does not analyze, view, report on, or access your data outside our normal and customary backup procedures or in conjunction with your specific requests.

No identifying information regarding your customer or customers is required in order to use our site. Any identifying customer information contained in bid names or descriptions is purely voluntary and not a requirement for using the system. Bid Detail Records are linked to Bid Header Records and your account by a random numbering system and are stored in separate databases.

Price Plan Data Security

Price plans are similar to bid data in that no customer identifying information is required to use the site. Price plan data, just like bid data, is never shared with anyone without your expressed request and permission.

Ulterior Motives

OPSoftware has no ulterior motives in providing our services. Supplying competitive data to independent dealers is our primary business. We do not sell to the power channel and we have no obligations or allegiances outside of our independent dealer customers.


OPSoftware is serious about security and the protection of your information. We are constantly striving to create secure systems that allow you to create winning pricing programs with the confidence in knowing that your trade secrets are also our trade secrets.